[Events] Luciana Campos Lecture - School of Architecture Thursday December 3 @ 2pm Room CG-042

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Tue Dec 1 14:51:12 GMT 2009

 Venue:  School of Architecture (SAUL) main studio - Room CG-042
(located directly behind reception in the main building)




Luciana Campos received her first degree in Architecture from the
University of Buenos Aires, Argentina and a post-graduate degree in
Urban Design from the European Masters of Urbanism, in KU Leuven Belgium
and UPC Barcelona.  


She has recently completed a thesis that searches for physical solutions
to achieve more sustainable and lower resources consumptive cities.

With the concern that cities are the largest entity causing
environmental impact and the smallest entity that can take remedial
action to restore the balance of our planet's changing environment,
Luciana chose Limerick city, in Ireland, as a testing ground.


Where and how is it physically necessary to intervene in a city's
development to help it meet the challenges of a smooth transition into a
more sustainable future?  The focus lies in regenerating the already
existing cities to prevent using up more land that may be required to
feed future generations. If it is possible to retrofit a city, how could
Limerick be retrofitted?


Highlighting Limerick's natural, historic, cultural, economic and social
assets and opportunities, the research approaches the city as an
ecosystem, where all physical systems are integrated and work with in a
wider system.


Strategies to retrofit transport, green and public space, energy
networks, water and waste cycles, interrelate at all scales and fit
within the larger context of the city and its natural environment.


A site is chosen to test the strategies made at city level and within
the site, particular projects bring to light a range of opportunities to
retrofit the city with lower carbon technologies and help it become an
attractive place to live, work, and visit.


There is an opportunity for Limerick to build on its many potentials,
lead the way in sustainable urban development and reinvent itself as
'Ireland's Sustainable Capital'. 

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