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Dr. Mike Lyons

Trinity College Dublin



 Unravelling the Redox and Electrocatalytic Properties of Carbon
Nanotube Modified Electrodes for Energy Conversion and
Nano-Bioelectronic Applications


Since the discovery by Iijima in 1993, carbon nanotubes have attracted
enormous international interest because of their unique structural,
mechanical and electronic properties. The electrochemical properties of
single walled (SWCNT) carbon nanotubes have attracted increasing
international attention. This is not to be unexpected since the latter
materials should serve as effective platforms for the construction of
highly dispersed large surface area nanostructures for electrocatalytic
and energy storage applications and as essential components in
amperometric biosensor devices. The lecture will describe how
electrochemical measurements can be used to probe the redox behaviour of
electrodes modified with meshes of single walled carbon nanotubes and
will describe and discuss experimental and mathematical modelling
studies of nanotube modified electrodes in which biocatalysts such as
redox enzymes are immobilized. The use of the latter composite materials
as amperometric enzyme bioelectronic devices will be outlined.



Mike Lyons was born in Cork and educated in CBC Cork, UCC and Imperial
College London. He read Chemistry and Mathematical Physics in UCC and
obtained a Ph.D in 1983 in the Physical Electrochemistry of oxygen
evolution at oxidized metal and metal oxide surfaces under the
supervision of Prof. Declan Burke (UCC). His postdoctoral studies
continued with Prof. John Albery and Brian Steele (Imperial College
London) on the topic of the catalysis of oxide electrode reactions for
fuel cell applications. He was appointed to a University Lectureship in
Physical Chemistry at Trinity College Dublin in 1984. Elected to
Fellowship of Trinity College in 1992 on the basis of his research
publications, he is currently Head of Physical, Materials and
Computational Chemistry in the School of Chemistry, TCD. To date Mike
Lyons has published 84 refereed papers, 6 review chapters and two books.
He has successfully supervised 16 Ph.D and 9 M.Sc students. His research
interests include both experimental and theoretical topics which
underpin energy conversion storage technology and nanobioelectronics.
His research has been funded by National and International agencies such
as IRCSET, Enterprise Ireland, EU, PRTLI, SFI and by companies such as
National Power and DuPont. Mike Lyons has served both on the Board and
Academic Council of Trinity College and currently is on the editorial
board of a number of international journals such as Journal of Solid
State Electrochemistry, Sensors and International Journal of
Electrochemical Science.


DATE:            Friday, 11 December 2009

TIME:            12h00

VENUE:         MSB-012 MSSI Building




For further information, please contact:

Dr Teresa Curtin, Tel. No:  (061) 202981 or Email:  teresa.curtin at ul.ie 

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