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The Department of Politics and Public Administration invites you to its
weekly Seminar Series, 

Wednesday 9th December at 2.15pm, Room MC2005


Andrew Shorten (UL)

Constitutional Secession Rights and Democratic Incentives


This paper discusses the advisability of incorporating secession rights
in the constitutions of multinational political associations.  After
outlining the idea of a multinational political association, and
introducing Cass Sunstein's influential argument against constitutional
secession rights, I distinguish three specific objections to such
rights.  First, that they are bad for deliberative democracy.  Second,
that they sanction rights-violating forms of exploitation.  Third, that
they permit unfairness.   I argue that secession rights are compatible
with democratic constitutionalism, and that secession rights may have a
marginal role in correcting deliberative inequality.  However, I also
raise two notes of scepticism.  First, that secession rights may
undermine fairness, at least in some kinds of multinational political
association.  Second, that the strategy of 'domesticating secession'
through the constitution - by incorporating devices to stifle
secessionist politics - may be incompatible with democratic equality. 




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