[Events] Reminder: Invitation to seminar tomorrrow - John H Herz and the transformation of political community

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The Dept of Politics and Public Administration invites you to its weekly seminar 

Wednesday 4th November

MC2005 @ 2.15

Presenter: Barry Hussey (UL) 

Topic: John H. Herz and the transformation of political community'


While the recent fillip in interest in John H. Herz has brought his thinking far beyond the security dilemma, little attention has been paid to the state and its place in international politics in his writing. The rebuttal of the statist assumption in realist IR theory is not a new one but what is gained by engaging with Herz's examination of the state is a clear image of Herz's broader political project - survival research - but also an exemplar of the classical realist. After providing some background to Herz's life, the paper presented will outline the development of Herz's writing on the state beginning with his earliest work on the Nazi state and international law. It will then consider his description of the hard-shell, 'impenetrable' state; before going onto his ultimate realisation of its porous and passing existence.

This paper is an important addition to the growing area of 'Herz Studies' (See IR March, 2008 Vol.22, No. 4 Special Issue on Herz), and also to the inexorable chipping away of the façade of an uncritical and monolithic realism. The conclusion of the paper will place the examination of Herz's state theory in the context of the broader 'archaeological' move to resurrect classical realism. A number of unpublished notes for a book which Herz hoped to write which have up to now been unexamined will reveal a much stronger commitment to survival research will also be described. By examining the progression of Herz's state-theory and the implicit connection to the question of 'universalism' and survival research new insights into Herz and his place within the re-examination of realist IR theory will be shown 

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