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Dr Łukasz Figiel

University of Limerick



Computational Modelling of Large Deformations in PET-Clay Nanocomposites near the Glass Transition



Polymer-clay nanocomposites are a family of advanced polymeric materials, showing promising properties (barrier and mechanical) that result from the large stiffness and large aspect ratio of the nano-filler. These property advantages and the relatively low cost of the nano-filler, make such materials interesting for a number of potential applications, especially in the packaging and automotive industries. The main challenge in exploiting these materials is optimization of their morphology, for example of particle distribution and orientation, so as to enhance end-use properties. Industrial solid-state forming processes offer potential means for achieving this goal, however they require careful optimization of their process parameters. Advanced computational modelling of such processes can be a useful tool in optimizing process parameters, and hence improving nanocomposite morphologies and end-use properties. The presentation will summarize Łukasz's recent work on computational modelling of large deformations in PET-clay nanocomposites. 



Łukasz obtained his M.Eng. in Civil Engineering from Technical University of Łódź, and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Technical University of Dresden. He is lecturer in computational mechanics at the University of Limerick. His current research features advanced material modelling of multifunctional behaviour of unfilled and filled polymers (including nanocomposites).




DATE:            Thursday, 12 November 2009

TIME:            12h00

VENUE:         MSB-012 MSSI Building





For further information, please contact:

Dr Teresa Curtin, Tel. No:  (061) 202981 or Email:  teresa.curtin at ul.ie 

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