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Department of Psychology 


Venue CSG027 (groundfloor, Computer Science Building), 

Tuesday 10th November 2009, 2pm


Nothing to Lose:  Desperate circumstances require desperate measures

Invited speaker:

Russell Spears

Cardiff University, Wales





Classical social identity theory predicts that social competition (e.g.
conflict, discrimination, collective action) is most likely under
conditions that promote insecure social comparisons between
disadvantaged (e.g. low status, disempowered) groups and advantaged
groups.  The classical determinants of this are status instability and
illegitimacy, which promote cognitive alternatives to the status quo
(Tajfel & Turner, 1979). This raises the question, however, of what
happens to groups whose disadvantage is stable. We argue that such
groups do not necessarily sit back and accept their disadvantage. On the
contrary, such conditions can lead to more radical and extreme responses
to their plight ('desperate circumstances require desperate measures').
We describe a series of studies focusing on the role of status
stability, and group (in)efficacy as predictors of a strategy we call
'Nothing to lose'. We present a revised and extended version of social
identity theory (RESIT) that helps to explain when and why more extreme
forms of intergroup behaviour occur.





Event convened by:

Dr. Robert D. Lowe,

Research Fellow,

Department of Psychology,

University of Limerick. 


rob.lowe at ul.ie


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