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To all researchers within UL considering applying to the HRB under the present call - you may have received an email from the HRB informing you that their health methodology support unit (CSTAR) is now up and running. This is just to inform you that the UL site for CSTAR is within the SCU/ABCc centres and advice is available by consulting Dr Jean Saunders, Director of these Centres (details below). 

Dr Jean Saunders 
Executive Director

Statistical Consulting Unit / (ABCc) / CSTAR (UL)

Graduate Entry Medical School 

(Also affiliated to Department of Mathematics and Statistics)
University of Limerick 

Telephone:  +353 (0) 61 213 471

Email: jean.saunders at ul.ie <mailto:jean.saunders at ul.ie> 

Web: http://www.ul.ie/scu/CSTAR.htm


CSTAR offers a support and advisory service in quantitative and qualitative research that is open to all health researchers in Ireland - including biomedical, translational, clinical, epidemiological, general practice, professions allied to medicine and health service researchers. Individuals and groups availing of the services and programmes may come from health care agencies (public and private), primary, secondary and tertiary care, academic institutions and non-profit research institutes and organizations.

Funded by the Health Research Board and with consultancy units in University College Dublin and University of Limerick, CSTAR widens the availability of research support across Ireland allowing individuals, companies and institutes to build lasting relationships with experienced academics. Rather than relying on ad hoc arrangements, CSTAR becomes an integral part of your research team providing targeted support and input as required.

Using one-to-one consultations, training courses (both standard and bespoke), seminars and awareness-raising events, CSTAR provides health researchers with a repository of information on methodological developments and best practice in health-related research methods.

Should you wish to arrange a consultation or enquire about future training courses, please contact us as follows:
Dublin office +353 (0)1 716 2076
Limerick office + 353 (0)61 213 471

Web: http://www.cstar.ie/

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