[Events] Rescheduled 2nd Riverbank cleanup initiative

Eugene.ORegan Eugene.ORegan at staffmail.ul.ie
Fri Nov 13 08:37:27 GMT 2009

Dear all, 

Due to inclement weather the 2nd clean-up was cancelled. Although the
Great Man/Woman is also a Corkonian, that cannot guarantee that there
will be good weather for any future clean-up, so in order for any future
clean-up, I would recommend that suitable attire be brought and will
hopefully reschedule for next Friday or the week after, if people are
interested. Reply if you are. 


The main point of this initiative is to prove that this can be done and
can be extended if people wish it to be, but interest has to be shown
(Zinaida, in preparing for the initial clean-up, found out that it is
possible to extend this to the local surrounding area, if the proper
people are contacted). Thus, it is important that local people take an
interest (fully realise that people are busy, but an indication of
interest in extending the initiative would be appreciated). 


Is mise le meas, 



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