[Events] Lero Invited Speaker - Paula Savolainen - Post-mortem analysis of five softward engineering projects - 19.11.09 - 11am - LRG032

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"Post-mortem analysis of five software engineering projects"



Invited speaker:

Paula Savolainen


Thursday 19th November - 11am - LRG 032




Software development has its roots in the 1960s and since then has grown into a remarkable industry. The worldwide software industry in the past few years has generated approximately $600 to $700 billion per year in revenues for software producers. About one-third of the software revenues are standardized products and the other two-thirds are services related to software development and implementation, such as system customization and IT consulting.

Software development is made through software development projects where software products are created for sale (software product development), outcome of the project is made for internal use (in-house software development, not included in software industry revenues), or where the software development and also the outcome of the project is paid by the external customer (contract software development).

Because of the importance of the software projects as a mean to produce software, there have been many researches trying to recognize the key elements of software project success or indications which foretell beforehand potential software project failure. Especially, when it comes to loss of money and resources because of the software project failure, finding the reasons for software project failures is important.

We made post-mortem analysis of five canceled software engineering projects, found reasons for cancellation decisions, and identified pre-project phase which turned out to have influence on the following project.


Paula Savolainen graduated (M.Sc.Econ.) from University of Jyväskylä in 1989. She has over 12 years working experience in software industry (Tieto, GE Healtcare) in various positions and mainly as a Project Manager. She has worked as an IT coordinator in the Pohjois-Savo region being responsible for general development in ICT industry and public sector and coordinated many projects in Pohjois-Savon liitto, Savonia University of Applied Sciences and University of Kuopio. She has worked as a Project Manager in University of Kuopio since 2005.


This talk can be viewed at http://connect.lero.ie/paulasavolainen 




If you would like to attend please RSVP before 16th November to  (Katherine.Martin at lero.ie)





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