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Date:           Wednesday, 18th November 2009

Time:           2pm

Venue:         Jonathan Swift Theatre, Room B1023


Schrodinger Lecture 2009
by The Faculty of Science and Engineering

What is intriguing in quantum physics?

Speaker:  Professor Markus Arndt
The Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna


One might think that quantum physics has come of age: First introduced by Planck in 1900 and embedded into a sound theoretical framework by Heisenberg and Schrödinger in 1926, quantum physics might have obtained  a status comparable to that of Newtonian mechanics and other scientific models, by now.    

Quantum physics has, indeed, developed into a corner stone of modern science and  it is often seen as the quantitatively most precisely confirmed theory of nature.  Quantum effects have been the basis for a plethora of technological innovations, devices and scientific studies over many decades.   And still:  genuine quantum phenomena are and remain puzzling mind-bogglers, since they simply don't fit to our common notions of reality and/or locality.

The lecture aims at giving an introduction to some puzzles, that were already established in the days of Schrödinger and that have yet remained the cause of scientific debate and interpretation, even until today. Most puzzles are rooted in the quantum superposition principle, which allows even massive individual particles to be delocalized over macroscopic distances and pairs of particles to seemingly "know" of each other, without any obvious means of communication. 

We will discuss how we observe such quantum effects, why we usually don't see them in our everyday world and why modern quantum science still holds many promises for future technologies.

For further information please contact Dr Douglas McIntosh
Tel:  061 202903
Email:  Douglas.McIntosh at ul.ie  



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