[Events] Workshop for Postgraduate Research Students-Basic HTML Course

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Workshop for Postgraduate Research Students

Basic HTML Course

Date: Thursday 26 November 2009

Time: 9:30am-4:30pm

Venue: Large ITD Training Room

 (Places limited to 10)


An overall understanding of the World Wide Web (WWW), web sites and HTML

    * Creating web pages using HTML in the Notepad text editor

    * An understanding of the basic syntax and use of HTML tags

    * Including elements such as headings and lists in web pages

    * Adding images, DIVS, tables and hyperlinks to web pages

    * Viewing HTML documents using a Web browser such as Internet
Explorer, Firefox, Opera etc

    * An understanding of structuring and adding styles to web pages
using Stylesheets.

    * An understanding of structuring web sites               

    * A basic knowledge of optimising web pages for Search Engines (meta
tags and keywords)

    * Uploaded web pages to the WWW using an FTP program

*        Using Dreamweaver or some other development environment to test
your new HTML knowledge

 For further information and registration please contact Anne O'Dwyer,
Research Training Coordinator, Ext 2672 or email: anne.odwyer at ul.ie







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