[Events] Talk on quantum statistics by Professor Richard Gill ( Mathematical Institute, Leiden University )

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Dear All 

Another treat on Friday November 20th at 2pm 
Provisional Venue, Room A2002, Main Building. 

Professor Richard Gill ( Mathematical Institute, Leiden University ) will give a talk entitled: 

I will try to explain what quantum statistics is - quantum statistics in the sense of "statistical modelling and inference for quantum physics experiments" - by discussing some recent developments in the theory of "optimal state reconstruction". In particular, I will discuss quantum Fisher information, quantum Cramér-Rao bounds, quantum asymptotic optimality for the case when the experimenter can choose whatever measurement he likes to do, in order to learn the state of N independent "copies" of an arbitrary finite dimensional quantum system, e.g., a two level system. This is the quantum version of the problem of statistical inference for p based on observation of N iid Bernouilli variables.  I will touch on the relevance of the theory for real world experiments. 

Prior knowledge of quantum physics (or for that matter, of physics in general) would likely be a disadvantage. 

Reference: pp. 239-261 in Quantum Stochastics & Information: Statistics, Filtering & Control, V.P. Belavkin & M. Guta, eds. 

My home page contains links to tutorial and introductory material aimed at statisticians and probabilists 
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All Welcome 


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