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Dr Hongzhou Zhang




Helium Ion Microscopy at CRANN



The helium ion microscope (HIM) is a recent development in the family of
charged particle microscopes. The interaction of the He ion beam and the
atoms of the sample surface produces secondary electrons and
backscattered ions which carry the information of the sample and can be
recorded by appropriate detectors. Due to its sub nanometre resolution,
surface sensitivity, and some other advantages, the HIM shows great
potential to be a versatile tool with the characterization capabilities
comparable to a transmission electron microscope, the convenience of
sample preparation as for a scanning electron microscope, and the
nanomachinery function better than a Ga FIB. A Helium ion microscope
(Orion, Carl Zeiss) has been recently installed in CRANN. In this talk,
we will discuss some unique features of the microscope and present some
examples of its applications.



Dr. Hongzhou Zhang is currently a SFI Stokes lecturer in the School of
Physics in Trinity College Dublin and a principal investigator in CRANN
(Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures and Nanodevices)

He received MSc and PhD physics degrees from Peking University (China)
and Rice University (US) in 1996 and 1999, respectively. During 2002 to
2004 he held a post-doctoral position at the National Laboratory of
Mesoscopic Physics and Electron Microscopy (Peking University, China).
In 2004 he became a research fellow in the Electronic Materials
Engineering Department in the Australian National University
(Australia). He joined CRANN and Trinity College in 2009. 

For the last 5 years, a large part of his research has been concerned
with the application of electron microscopy to the characterization of
nanostructures with a focus of the growth-structure-property
relationship of nanostructures. He and his colleagues have been able to
develop new growth techniques for several nanostructures and to
understand some aspects of their physical properties. 

His research is currently focused on the development and applications of
scanning helium ion microscopy (HIM). To understand the unique contrast
mechanisms provided by He ions, he is interested in the physics of
ion-matter interaction and details of signal generation and detection.
For the helium ion microscope, is it possible to achieve atomic
resolution, high-sensitive analysis and clean milling with Angstrom
precision? His research involves extensive characterization of a variety
of different nanostructures through collaboration with the other PIs in
CRANN and external researchers. 



DATE:            Thursday, 26 November 2009

TIME:            12h00

VENUE:         MSB-012 MSSI Building




For further information, please contact:

Dr Teresa Curtin, Tel. No:  (061) 202981 or Email:  teresa.curtin at ul.ie 

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