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 2nd - 3rd December, 

Absolute Hotel, Limerick


Prof. Ranald Macdonald (see bio below) will facilitate three half day
workshops, Making Teaching More Effective, Assessment for Learning and
Student Led Learning, in the Shannon Consortium Regional Teaching and
Learning Series. All faculty and staff from MIC, UL, LIT and IT Tralee
are invited to participate.  Please see attached outline and details of
each workshop. 



Workshop Title:  Making Teaching More Effective

Date:                           2nd December 2009

Time:                          09.30 - 13.00

Venue:                       The Absolute Hotel, Limerick

To register:                Email: Mary.Fitzpatrick at ul.ie
<mailto:Mary.Fitzpatrick at ul.ie> 




Our teaching may be judged by many criteria, including: examination
results; the skills and attributes employers and others perceive that
students leave with; the National Student Survey results (in the UK);
feedback from students through end-of-unit/module or year evaluations;
peer observation; our own personal reflections.  


In this workshop we will explore some of the ways in which we might
evaluate our teaching, how we can respond to the outcomes and what it
means to enhance our teaching practices. 


We will draw on our own and our students' conceptions of learning and
teaching and explore ways in which the curriculum, teaching and
assessment might be changed in order to promote more effective learning.


During the session we will: reflect on the characteristics of effective
teaching and how these might be demonstrated through the learning of
your students; explore ways in which you might re-design the curriculum
to promote the acquisition and development of a range of skills and
attributes as well as appropriate subject knowledge and understanding;
and examine a variety of approaches to evaluating how well students are
learning in a range of situations including individual classes, units,
subjects and programmes in order to enhance your teaching practices.



Workshop Title: Assessment for Learning

Date:                           2nd December 2009

Time:                          14.00 - 17.00

Venue:                       The Absolute Hotel, Limerick

To register:                Email Mary.Fitzpatrick at ul.ie
<mailto:Mary.Fitzpatrick at ul.ie>  



Whilst much is made of the need to reduce opportunities and rewards from
plagiarism in student assessment, the main issue is to focus on
assessment practices that engage students in active learning rather than
a 'police and punish' culture. They need to make sense of what they are
learning - whether subject content or professional practice - rather
than to see and experience assessment as merely a series of hurdles
which they have to overcome. Assessment should be for and not just of


At the same time, with larger and more diverse student groups,
assessment practices increasingly need to be efficient as well as
effective. In particular, students require timely and useful feedback
which does not place an undue burden on staff. We will therefore explore
the relationship between teaching, assessment and effective feedback in
promoting better student learning.


Participants are invited to bring examples of their assessment practice
which is aligned with more active learning and teaching approaches. All
will leave with an action plan as the basis for improving their



Workshop Title:     Student Led Learning

Date:                           3rd December 2009

Time:                          09.30 - 13.00

Venue:                       The Absolute Hotel, Limerick

To register:                Email Mary.Fitzpatrick at ul.ie
<mailto:Mary.Fitzpatrick at ul.ie>  



" ... when a student chooses [their] own direction, helps to discover
[their] own learning resources, formulates [their] own problems, decides
[their] own course of action, lives with the consequences of each of
these choices, then significant learning is maximised."

(Rogers, 1969)


Much is made in the educational literature of student-led learning,
though it is not well explained. In this workshop we will begin by
exploring the characteristics of successful learning in the
participants' disciplines and, using a set of generic questions,
consider how students might be given greater responsibility for various
aspects of their learning. In doing so we will also consider what higher
education should be providing for our students as they learn for what
Barnett (2004) calls 'an unknown future'. The focus will not necessarily
be on students acquiring skills but rather on how they engage in the
process, and not just the outcomes, of learning through, for example,
inquiry-based learning. 


Participants will also be encouraged to consider the relationship
between research, teaching and learning in their own practice and how to
'be' within a discipline or profession and not just 'know' a lot about
the subject. The implications for the curriculum and ways we teach and
assess to promote more active learning are likely to emerge as key
issues, as will the changed relationships between students and staff,
and between students and their peers, in the learning experience.


Whilst the aims are quite general, the learning outcomes will be quite
specific to the individual, as is the case in most inspiring, rewarding,
challenging and/or individually-focused learning. 


About the workshop facilitator


Ranald Macdonald was until recently Professor of Academic Development
and Head of Strategic Development in the Learning and Teaching Institute
at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK. Following early retirement in
the summer of 2009, he remains an Emeritus Professor at Sheffield Hallam
and is a freelance Higher Education consultant. A former Co-Chair of the
UK's Staff and Educational Development Association, he was also founder
and Chair of its Research Committee until 2008 and is a SEDA Fellowship
holder and current member of its Executive Committee. Ranald was awarded
a UK National Teaching Fellowship in 2005 and the Williams Evans
Visiting Fellowship to the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand in


Ranald's main research and scholarly interests are in the areas of
academic development; assessment and plagiarism; problem and
enquiry-based learning; enhancing links between research, learning and
teaching; professional development for the leadership and management of
educational change. He was Co-Director of Sheffield Hallam's Centre for
Promoting Learner Autonomy from 2005-7. 




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