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Department of Politics and Public Administration Seminar, 3 February,
2.15, MC2005


Neil Robinson (UL) Our motto: "apocalypse soon". Expectations of
conflict in the post-Soviet space




Many would characterize international politics within the former Soviet
Union as being fraught with competition and beset by weakness and chaos
associated with contestations between nations and identities.
Surprisingly, however, there has not been extensive conflict within the
region. This paper asks why there have not been more wars and why more
conflict has been expected. It argues that conflict in the region is
expected because of the belief that state building in the area would
fail and the idea that weak states in the region will generate conflict
internally and externally. The paper focuses on the processes of
transformation in the former Soviet Union (with special reference to
Russia and Central Asia) to show why state weakness has not generated
conflict. It argues that the mix of state and regime building in the
area has stifled conflict by suppressing state building in favor of
regime stability. This has created mechanisms to channel resources to
elites and incorporate them in durable political regimes. Conflict has
thus been avoided, but the paper concludes at a cost of state weakness
that means that future conflicts cannot be discounted.



Neil Robinson teaches in the Department of Politics and Public
Administration, UL, and is the author and editor of several books about
Russian politics, post-communist politics and political economy, and
comparative politics. 



Neil Robinson

Department of Politics and Public Administration

University of Limerick

Limerick, Ireland

(353) (0) 61 202320


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