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Materials  &  Surface  Science  Institute

Research  Forum  2010

in conjunction with the Charles Parsons Initiative



Dr. Dmitri Bulushev

MSSI and Charles Parsons Initiative



Formic Acid Derived from Biomass as a Source of Hydrogen for
Vapour-Phase Catalytic Reactions



Formic acid (FA) is a by-product of some "second generation"
biorefineries. Hydrogen production from FA and the direct catalytic
hydrogenation of olefins by FA have been studied. Pd/C catalysts with
the average Pd particle size of less than 10 nm showed good catalytic
properties, giving complete conversion of FA at temperatures lower than
423 K, with 95-97% selectivity to hydrogen. FA hydrogenated ethylene and
propylene effectively over these catalysts, thus eliminating the need
for a separate step of H2 production. As compared to the Pd catalysts,
Au/C and Au/TiO2 catalysts were found to be less active; neither
hydrogenated the olefins. Effect of products on the FA decomposition has
been also investigated. 




Dmitri Bulushev has got his PhD degree from the Boreskov Institute of
Catalysis (Novosibirsk, Russia) in 1991. Before entering UL in August
2008 he was working as a chemical engineer at the Swiss Institute of
Technology (EPFL, Lausanne) for a number of years. Dmitri is currently a
Senior Research Fellow at UL supported by Charles Parsons Initiative and
Science Foundation of Ireland. Recently he was elected as an MSSI
member. He is a co-author of about 45 peer reviewed articles and a
referee for different catalytic, chemical engineering and physical
chemistry journals. His main field of research is catalysis. Dmitri
elucidated factors determining activity and selectivity of different
catalysts using transient kinetics, adsorption, temperature-programmed,
isotopic, "in situ" spectroscopic and catalysts characterization
methods. At present, he is involved in a research on catalytic
conversion of intermediates derived from biomass to valuable chemicals.



DATE:            Thursday, 4 February 2009

TIME:            12h00

VENUE:         MSB-012 MSSI Building






For further information, please contact:

Dr Teresa Curtin, Tel. No:  (061) 202981 or Email:  teresa.curtin at ul.ie 

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