[Events] Life Coaching sessions with certified life coach (proceeds will be donated to Haiti). Contact details attached.

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....and help the people of Haiti move forward.


Interested in clearing your head? Having a closer look at "things" that
bother you for quite some time now? Economy giving you the creeps?
Feeling cornered or slightly stuck? Need to review your life and
lifestyle? Trouble focusing on your study and do those all nighters in
front of your books just don't pay off? Communication skills at a low?
Not getting the results you want? Wanting to move forward but in what


Recognise it?  Well, now is your chance to do something about it. 


Zinaida Nourreddine, certified and trained life coach, 

helps you to get the results YOU want. 


60 minute coaching services available in the Mill Stream Common room. 


 Proceeds go to the people of Haiti - please be as generous as
realistically possible !!





Call or email me:


Mobile  085 - 8433486


zinaida.nourreddine at gmail.com


(more info about the Haiti fundraising is obtainable from Hayley
O'Gorman, Student Academic Affairs)





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