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Be There or Be Square! 


 Forbidden Fruit - Newton's legacy in today's economic, ecologic and
ideological crises


Prof Conleth D Hussey

Jean Monet Theatre

7.30 - 9.00 

TONIGHT Monday 8th Feb 2010




Billions of dollars have been poured into the global banking system in a
frenetic attempt at stabilization. Yet the same urgency is strangely
missing in dealing with world poverty and the ecological and
environmental crisis.


In a no-holds-barred analysis of our desperate historical situation,
Prof. Conleth D. Hussey, traces its origin to the ideology spawned by
the physics of Sir Isaac Newton which culminated in Thatcher's spine
chilling utterance 'There is no society, only individual men and women,
and families'. 


This ideology was echoed in the last decade of the 20th century by
commentators such as Francis Fukuyama with his ultimate ahistorical
"end-of-history" thesis, proposing that liberal democratic
individualistic capitalism had won out and the eternal global liberal
utopian community was just around the corner. That the jaded old Marxian
class struggle between workers and capitalists could finally be taken
out of its misery and laid to rest. And more, that liberal democratic
capitalism was, indeed, natural to a greedy rapacious human nature.


Vehemently defending our human nature from this assault, Prof Hussey
turns this argument on its head, that it is greedy rapacious capitalism
that is sucking away at our human essence. The economic crisis of the
past two years demonstrates that the Fukuyama model was an illusion,
based on the drive for super-profits and hyper-consumption for a few, on
the unrestrained exploitation of resources and on social and
environmental irresponsibility.


Hussey argues that the current model does not need adjusting, it needs
replacing. With a confidence in the ideological consequences of the less
individualistic and more relationship based new physics - a physics that
is more in line with the social relationship basis of our humanity - a
new economic model is proposed. A model which is unashamedly based on
the universal democratic ideals of the 200 year old revolution in - of
all places - Haiti! 

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