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Department of Politics and Public Administration Seminar 


2.00pm, 17 February 2010, MC2005



Sarah Hunt (UL) 'Donorship', social control and political crisis. Civil
society participation and the Poverty Reduction Strategy process in



The Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) approach emerged from 1999 as part
of the conditionality attached to debt relief under the second Heavily
Indebted Poor Countries initiative (HIPC II) applied throughout the
developing world. This approach focussed on generating national
ownership of Poverty Reduction Strategies to channel debt relief to the
poor, through the participation of civil society in the process. Bolivia
was included in the initiative in 1999 and was one of the first
countries to complete its PRS in 2001 however the influence of civil
society on the strategy was low. Attempts were also made to
institutionalise civil society participation in PRS processes, with
limited success, and by 2005 the PRS approach was effectively dead.
Explanations for the failures of the PRS approach to take root in
Bolivia focus on the role of donor domination in undermining ownership,
the role of the state in attempting to control civil society
participation, or on the ways in which political crisis and change in
Bolivia eclipsed the PRS agenda. This paper examines the implementation
of the PRS approach in Bolivia from 1999 to 2005 and assesses the
relative importance of these explanations for understanding the overall
experience of civil society participation in the PRS process.


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