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There are still a few place left on the following extra mural programme which is due to start on Wednesday 24th February for 6 weeks.


Literature Appreciation and Creative Writing


Course Goals: Embrace your love for literature and pursue your passion for creative writing! This course is developed to advance your knowledge of literature appreciation while applying what you learn to improve and inspire your own writing. By discussing themes, symbols, motifs, and everything in between, you will learn how to incorporate effective techniques from literary classics into your own work. This course is designed to engage, encourage and inspire both long-time bookworms as well as those just beginning to appreciate the finer works of life. Writers of all levels will learn how to bring out the best in their writing by studying a current and classic mix of novels, poetry and magazine articles, then sharing their own work.


Course Objectives: Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

1.       Understand themes, symbols and motifs and their roles in shaping literature and apply these principles to their own work;

2.       Hold productive and knowledgeable discourse about classic and contemporary literature;

3.       Expand current understanding of literature appreciation;

4.       Improve their own writing by incorporating effective techniques from literary classics; and

5.       Learn how to write a successful query to start a freelance writing career.


Tutor: Katherine Low, BA(H), MA


Day and duration of course:                       6 Wednesday Evening

Fee:                                                                EUR100                   

Start date and time:                                   24th February 2010 - 7th April 2010, 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. (No class 17th March)

Application form <http://www.ul.ie/dllo/extramuralapplication.html>  - Print, complete and return with fee to:-
Department of Lifelong Learning & Outreach
University of Limerick
Tel: 061 202530 / 202047
Email: lifelonglearning at ul.ie
Web : www.ul.ie/dllo 








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