[Events] School of Architecture (SAUL) Exhibition: Social Club

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SAUL exhibition: Social Club

SAUL third-year architecture students will publicly exhibit recent design projects. The concept of 'Health AS Infrastructure' was investigated through the designs for a social club. Three places in Limerick were chosen as hypothetical sites, interstitial in the sense that they did not clearly belong to one specific part of town. These sites were in Garryglass, Moyross and along the Park Canal. The proposed buildings were to serve as a boat-building school, a community gym or as a bike repair shop in combination with community facilities such as an auditorium, meeting rooms and a neighbourhood café. 

This exhibition will open on Thursday, 18 February at 8pm. The projects will be on display from Thursday, 18 February, until Sunday, 21 February in the ALL OUT space at no. 5 Sarsfield Street, Limerick. 

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