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EUROCALL's Teacher Education Special Interest Group wishes to announce the
following regional workshop for foreign language teacher trainers, foreign
language educators and researchers:

"European workshop on teacher education in CALL: towards a research agenda"

The workshop will take place from 26-28 May, 2010 (Wed-Fri) at the Institut
National de Recherche Pédagogique (INRP) in Lyon:
Workshop website: http://europe.univ-lyon2.fr/teacher-education-in-CALL/ <https://staffexchange7.ul.ie/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://europe.univ-lyon2.fr/teacher-education-in-CALL/> 

Theme of the Workshop
During this 3 day workshop we will explore traditional and emerging
methodologies in research on teacher education in computer-assisted
language learning (CALL) and computer-mediated communication (CMC). We
will also look at popular areas of research in this field to date in order to find
potential gaps and to establish how they can most effectively be addressed.
In this context we will also consider practical, theoretical and ethical issues
which emerge when we engage in pre- and in-service language teacher
education/tutor training. Our aim is to take stock of the current state of
affairs in research on teacher education in CALL and CMC-based language
teaching and to propose a tentative research agenda for the next few years.

The workshop will take the following structure:
*       Guest presentations on some of the key theoretical approaches on
teacher education in CALL and CMC-based language teaching
*       Presentations by participants in which they present and discuss with
colleagues their own research findings to date and issues which emerged when
researching in this area
*       Round table discussions where current and emerging methodological
approaches  areas in need of investigation and development can be discussed
in greater detail

Profile of Participants
Participants should ideally be involved in research and practice in the field of
foreign language teacher education for CALL and/or CMC-based language

It is hoped that this workshop will be of particular interest to researchers and
Masters/ Ph.D. students who are working in this area.

Call for Papers
We welcome proposals for 25 minute paper presentations (plus 10 minutes
discussion) focusing on methodological approaches in CALL and CMC teacher
education research. Submissions dealing with practical, theoretical and ethical
issues in this area of research will also be considered, especially those dealing
with innovative uses of established or leading-edge technologies.
Please submit a 300 word abstract (including a title) to the following mail
address: m.hauck at open.ac.uk by 26 February!

Notifications of acceptance will be sent out during the week beginning 22
March 2010.
We also kindly ask you to send us a short bio and (if possible) a thumbnail
picture of you for the website (should your abstract be accepted), please.

Guest Speakers
*       Jean-Claude Bertin, Professor at Université Le Havre, France
*       Rick Kern, Associate Professor at UC Berkeley, California (visiting
scholar at INRP Lyon)
*       Gary Motteram, Senior Lecturer in Education at The University of
Manchester, UK

Contact details
This event has been organised in collaboration with EUROCALL, the European
Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning, the INRP, Lyon 2
University and ICAR research team.

Mirjam Hauck                                    Nicolas Guichon
The Open University                             Centre de Langues
de Lyon 2
Faculty of Education and Language Studies               Laboratoire ICAR
Department of Languages                         15 parvis René
Descartes -
Walton Hall                                     BP 7000 69342 Lyon
Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA                          Cedex 07
United Kingdom                                  France         
m.hauck at open.ac.uk                                    nicolas.guichon at univ-lyon2.fr
Phone: 00 44 1908 654252                        Phone: 00 33 472 00 99 84

Margaret Gammell
Secretary General, EUROCALL
School of Languages, Literature, Culture and Communication 
University of Limerick
www.eurocall-languages.org <http://www.eurocall-languages.org/> 
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EUROCALL 2010, Université de Bordeaux, France 8-11 Sept. 2010
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