[Events] Lero Invited Speakers: A Double Bill - Linked Data Driven Software Development by Aftab Iqbal AND Implementing Semantic Web applications by Benjamin Heitmann on Thursday 25th February / 11am – 12:30pm / LRG032

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Two Talks: 

LD2SD : Linked Data Driven Software Development

Aftab Iqbal


Implementing Semantic Web Applications: challenges and  reference architecture

  Benjamin Heitmann




Thursday 25th February / 11am – 12:30pm / LRG032 


 Talk 1


Aftab Iqbal ‘ LD2SD : Linked Data Driven Software Development’



We introduce Linked Data Driven Software Development (LD2SD), a light-weight Semantic Web methodology to turn software artefacts such as data from version control systems, bug tracking tools and source code into linked data. Once available as linked data, the related information from different sources is made explicit, allowing for a uniform query and integration. We show the application of LD2SD using a real-world software project as the reference dataset and discuss the added value of LD2SD compared to existing technologies. We also elaborate on the interaction part of LD2SD, and demonstrate how the LD2SD-interaction can be integrated into an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) e.g. Eclipse.



Aftab Iqbal is undertaking a PhD at Digital Enterprise Research Institute, National University of Ireland, Galway, with a focus on applying Semantic Technologies to Software Engineering domain to support the software development processes. His main research interests lie in Linked Data, Data Mining, Software Engineering and the Semantic Web. Aftab holds a Master Degree in Software Engineering of Distributed Systems from KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm Sweden.




 Talk 2


Benjamin Heitmann ‘ Implementing Semantic Web applications: challenges and  reference architecture’



To date, Semantic Web research has tended to focus on data modelling challenges, at the expense of software architecture and engineering issues. Our empirical analysis shows that implementing Semantic Web technologies creates challenges which can affect the whole application. Standard solutions and best practices for Semantic Web  technologies are just emerging. The lack of these has been an obstacle for  implementing and deploying applications which exploit Semantic Web technologies for real world use cases. In this paper we conduct an empirical survey of Semantic Web applications. We use this empirical data to propose a reference architecture  for Semantic Web applications, and to identify the four main challenges for

implementing the most common functionality related to Semantic Web technologies from a software engineering perspective: (i) the issues involved in integrating noisy and heterogeneous data, (ii) the mismatch of data models and APIs between components, (iii) immature and belated best practices and standards, and (iv) the distribution of application  logic across components. We describe two orthogonal approaches for mitigating these challenges: (a) simplifying the application architecture by  delegating generic functionality to external service providers, and (b)  

assembling and customising of components provided by software frameworks for rapid development of complete applications.



Benjamin Heitmann joined DERI as a Ph.D. candidate/researcher in  September 2008. His primary advisor for his Ph.D. program is Dr. Conor  Hayes, and he is working as a part of the LION II cluster. Benjamin  made his M.Sc. in Computer Science at the University of Karlsruhe,  Germany, which is one of the nine German Excellence Universities. His  main research interests are: (1) next generation of personalisation  and recommendation systems, (2) architectural perspectives on the Web of Data, and (3) applying  Software Engineering to the Web of Data.



These talks can be viewed at http://connect.lero.ie/aftabiqbal / <http://connect.lero.ie/aftabiqbal%20/>  or http://connect.lero.ie/benjaminheitmann/ 





If you would like to attend please RSVP before February 24th to  katherine.martin at lero.ie 





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