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The Outdoor Pursuits Club (OPC) of the University of Limerick has
organised a fun day out with a hike up Ireland's highest mountain,
Carrantuohill in Kerry on March 21st. In order to spice it up they will
do it dressed in drag to raise some much needed funds for the Irish
Cancer Society and they need your help.

The University of Limerick (UL) club extend the invitation to all those
who are interested in hiking or just plain 'up for it' to get involved
and play your part in helping out.

David, the P.R.O. for the UL club and main organiser has said "This is
my way of giving something back and I see it as a huge opportunity for
the outdoorsy community to get together, promote the sport, have a bit
of fun while also doing something very important in the community and
for each person" Keith Young, President of the OPC, added "This gives a
platform for colleges to show the strength of a club, group and
individual to change people's lives and to give even just a little back.
It is our way of showing that regardless of the image set by some
students in past college events the majority of people are willing
participants when it comes to using our talents and skills for the good
of others"

Carantouhail in drag might not appeal to everybody so therefore the
invitation is there for anyone interested in a great day out for this
worthy cause. Sunday the 21st of March is the date and the friendly OPC
wishes that everyone who has some interest would just go for it and come
along. There will be ample leaders and people to guide you even if you
have never climbed a mountain before. David summarised by saying "I
would love to see a huge turnout for this and see people who just said
"Why not?" Sure we could all be doing other things but instead I'm
getting up early, climbing a mountain and doing something for someone
else. Join me."

We look forward to seeing you all out at Carrantouhill in Kerry on March
21st from 8.30am in support for the Irish Cancer Society. 

Anyone with any enquiries should email David O'Connell of the OPC at
dave at ulopc.com                                


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