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I didn't send an update to you last week because, to be honest, the feedback was pretty grim and I just didn't have the heart for it. The rains had started and Gena was feeling so dispirited for the countless thousands who were being so adversely affected once again. She says it is incredulous that, weeks later, there are literally thousands upon thousands of families who are without any form of adequate shelter; the open grounds where they pitched their makeshift shelters 6 weeks ago are being turned into lakes of mud as the rains fall; children and patients discharged from hospitals are trying to survive this ............ its hard for us to comprehend what that must be like, but it is surely harder still for those on the ground to deal with the daily heartache of it.


However, there are always pockets of sunshine and light. Funds continue to come in for Gena and her work and that really is fantastic. Last week she found a possible premise for one of her new rehabilitation programmes - she was able to pay an $80,000 deposit, and will be able to fund the remaining $250,000 or so from some of the funds raised for her - she is in negotiation with specific fundraisers (in Italy I think) in relation to kitting out the centre and we are hoping that the Gena Heraty Haiti Fund will be able to help with the annual running costs also. This is a really positive development and hopefully heralds the start of a new chapter for them as she intends that this will be one of the centres that provide rehabilitation therapy for recent amputees.


In addition, we received the message below from Gena this evening which is also full of some good news:


I am going to buy a small pick up truck for a mother of three handicapped children so she can bring the youngest one to therapy and also do taxi runs with the car (twill cos $4000US) - she will pay it back - or some anyway! Then I will buy a piece of land for one ex kid, now an employee, who will eventually build something there- for now he will be able to put up a tent or something as he and his kids are on the street. Then we will continue to give monthly assistance to families we are helping and try and start rebuilding the areas we can.

I am so happy to have the possibility to help these families. They keep ringing me - not to ask for help - just to say hello. They are happy to know we care!

God is good. And ye are wonderful!. More tremors today- not nice! We keep going! Rainy weather!

Love to all,



There are many agencies hard at work in Haiti and I am sure their web pages have many images and clips of conditions and programmes underway there, but I have pasted in here links to two video clips from the NPH organisation that Gena is associated with (www.nphaiti.org <http://www.nphaiti.org/> ) - one gives a glimpse of life in these tent cities, and the other one profiles the paediatric hospital at Tabarre and one of the rehab programmes - Gena in the latter one. 


Haiti Tent Cities Port-au-Prince and Petionville





NPFS Kay St. Germaine and St. Damien Hospital <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTgYwuKi-K0> 


<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTgYwuKi-K0> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTgYwuKi-K0



Thanks again everyone for all your support and I make sure to pass on your good wishes to Gena when we chat.


Slán tamall




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